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Sometimes I feel quite mixed about things. I created this tool to express more complex emotions when chatting with friends on social media. I hope it inspires you to think about how you actually feel, deepening self-knowledge and creating deeper connections.


This is your Life is a text-based life simulation game and a self-authoring interactive novel. Players follow the life of a human being from birth to death by influencing important life decisions at every stage of development, and can add their own experiences to the story.

coming soon

Offworld Pilot

Offworld Pilot lets you experience the diverse and increasingly challenging life of one the last space pilots daring to compete against fully automated vessels.


Playseidon is an interactive experience with your own aquarium at home. You can customize a living, moving digital background and even add simulated fish to extend your underwater world. 

Emoji Mixer
This is your life
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Protozoa Project



This page contains a collection of my active projects. I am dedicating my talent as an artist and game developer to the rise of consciousness, hopefully contributing to improved communication, self-knowledge and empathy skills.
If you enjoy some of these concepts and prototypes, please send me a message with your ideas. I hope you also feel inspired to contribute a little bit, so that I can reach a wider audience.




                                                                                                             David Murent

coming soon

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